Our History

120+ Years of Service to Our Communities and Customers

MCNB is not a new idea.  We have remained steady.  When our communities depended on us, we were there - in good times and bad times.  We look forward to writing the next chapters of our history.  We hope you'll come be a part!   



  • July 1900
    Bank established in Welch, WV, in small building across from current location, as branch of Bank of Bramwell with capital of $25,000; Cashier I.J Rhodes sole employee
  • 1903
    Current Welch facility constructed. “Ashler cut stone, three story, bays of ten, one, two, and four. Irregular roof plan.” - National Register of Historic Places
  • April 1903
    Bank becomes state bank - Isaac T. Mann, famous millionaire from Bramwell, WV, becomes President
  • March 1908
    Bank acquires national charter. Begins printing US currency.
  • August 1926
    Trust Department established - $135,000 in funds
  • 1927
    I.J. Rhodes replaces I.T. Mann as bank's second President
  • May 1927
    McDowell County National Bank takes over affairs of Merchants & Miners Bank after it was closed.
  • 1930
    I.J. Rhodes dies and I.T. Mann returns as President
  • July 1930
    McDowell County National Bank absorbs First National Bank of Welch
  • 1931
    Robert L. Page becomes third President
  • July 1950
    Bank celebrates 50th birthday - Total Capital $946,570
  • 1974
    E.H. Downs becomes fourth President - R.L. Page remains as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer
  • March 1975
    Mini Bank opens on Howard Street in Welch as a drive-through location to serve the busy customer base.
  • 1979
    S.D. Hardin becomes fifth President
  • 1996
    Grady Handy becomes sixth President - S.D. Hardin retires
  • March 2000
    MCNB Holding Company, Inc. organized.
  • June 2000
    Gary Banking Center opens to serve displaced customers of nearby First National Bank of Keystone after it was closed
  • July 2000
    Bank celebrates 100th birthday – “100 Years of Strength and Stability”
  • December 2000
    MCNB Holding Company chartered - Total Capital $28,351,042
  • January 2001
    Raleigh Loan Center opens on Robert C. Byrd Drive in Beckley
  • July 2001
    Lee M. Ellis becomes seventh President; Grady Handy retires.
  • July 2001
    Princeton Loan Center opens on Old Bluefield Road
  • July 2001
    Bank name changes to MCNB Bank, N.A., as the bank was growing into markets, other than McDowell only
  • November 2001
    Bluefield Loan Center opens on Cumberland Road
  • April 2002
    MCNB Holding Company, Inc. changes name to MCNB Banks, Inc. and registers as financial holding company
  • February 2003
    Princeton Loan Center becomes full-service branch opening in newly constructed building on South Walker Street, Princeton, WV.
  • June 2003
    Bank becomes a West Virginia state chartered institution and changes its official name to MCNB Bank and Trust Co., with MCNB Banks being the brand name.
  • June 2004
    Claypool Hill Loan Center opens in Tazewell County, Virginia
  • November 2006
    Raleigh Loan Center becomes a full-service branch, the Beckley Banking Center; new building constructed on Jerome Van Meter Drive, Beckley, WV.
  • November 2006
    Daniels Banking Center opens in newly constructed building on Ritter Drive in Daniels, WV.
  • November 2009
    Bluefield Loan Center becomes Bluefield Banking Center and moves to larger location nearby on Cumberland Road.
  • January 2014
    Claypool Hill Loan Center becomes Richlands Banking Center and moves to larger location on Cedar Valley Drive in Richlands, Virginia.
  • May 2016
    John P. Reed becomes eighth President; Lee Ellis retires
  • May 2018
    Parkersburg Loan Office opens on Garfield Avenue in Parkersburg, WV
  • September 2022
    Huntington Loan Office opens on the corner of 3rd Avenue and 10th Street in Huntington, WV

MCNB Facility Drawing 2019

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