Mission and Values

Why we do what we do

At MCNB, we want to build meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and communities.  Our Mission and Values provide daily guidance to us to ensure we meet our own expectations.  It is our intention that these guiding principles will be visible as you interact with us.


Mission Statement

MCNB Banks is committed to earning the trust and confidence of our customers and employees, through quality performance, products, service, and teamwork resulting in strength, stability and increased shareholder value.


Key in obtaining and understanding our Mission are the following CORE VALUES

  • Relationship—should be a verb. Through it we show employees and customers their individual importance and the mutual value we can provide to each other.
  • Value—is shown through “importance placed” on every task—eliminating the unnecessary in favor of simplicity and providing reciprocal benefits every day.
  • Consistency—must be demonstrated in the sense of repetitive performance such that a reputation of stability, confidence, and trust is clearly established.
  • Quality—shows through personal excellence—thinking independently, taking ownership, and getting it right the first time.
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